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With over 20 years experience of working in the fine arts. We have worked with The Halcyon
Gallery, Harrods, Carrs Silver, Monaco Fine Arts, Hickmet Fine Arts, Rowles Fine Arts,
MUSE Sculpture Company, Sotheby's, Christies, LAPADA & BADA. Asked to vet bronze
sculpture by LAPADA. We have the relevant certification to undertake site work. We undertake
both private and public commissions, completing projects in major cities throughout the country
including our flagship piece at Wembley Stadium, London.

Steve WinterburnCamels


Steve Winterburn is a self-taught artist whose creative development has been fuelled by his conviction, immense energy and curiosity. Possessing an innate comprehension of engineering and design enables him to explore his passion for challenge and experimentation.

Steve began teaching himself to sculpt in 1994. With the progression of his sculpting an ambition emerged to personally shape each piece of his work from concept to completion. He had entrusted the casting of his earlier bronzes to the established foundries. But the delays in delivering his work became frustrating and he was disillusioned by the changes that resulted from not handling the finishing stages himself. In 2002 Steve moved to Yorkshire, in the north of England, and began converting the vast workshop next to his house in to the current nine-room studio and foundry.

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A symbol of Wales' strength and international identity based on its incomparable heritage.
Sculpted in bronze, this fearsome creature will be the tallest statue in the UK.

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Wigan Mining Commission

Wigan Mining Commission

Life and a quarter maquette unveiled

Great day last Wednesday taking the mining maquette across to Wigan so that the committee could see it in situ. This is the first time we have done something like this.  It was great for us to see it in that environment as  work in progress, and to get a feel for how to go forward and finish the piece.

It was great that the committee was happy with where the piece is going, even though its still in early stages as a maquette. We’ve gone for a more expressive feel,with the sculpture, so to get the response we did meant so much to us and was quite overwhelming.  It was an emotional experience for everyone involved.

It is an honour to recognise the people who built this country and made it great with this historical piece. We decided with the committee not to have a base or plinth so that they are on the cobbles walking as a proud working-class family would have. We are proud of our English Heritage and hope that our representation of this family captures something for everyone who sees it.

WHAMM have put so much time, dedication and effort into this piece to make it possible to create this historical artwork to commemorate the mining community and what they sacrificed for our country. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for all the work they have done and continue to do.


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New Sterling silver plated collection

New Sterling silver plated collection

Available Now to Order

There are 8 new pieces in this new limited edition collection, that are all sterling silver plated with our very own british hallmark, they are made to order and are only available via our website making them very exclusive.

All 8 of the pieces are now up in the available work section on the website for ordering, inquire for more info on the pieces such as dimensions.

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K.O.Y.L.I Memorial Unveiled

K.O.Y.L.I Memorial Unveiled

War Memorial Unveiled August 1st

On Wednesday 1st August 2018, we unveiled our memorial for the K.O.Y.L.I regiment in Elmfield Park in Doncaster. This project first started around 2 and a half years ago.  It has been a very thorough process working with the regiment very closely, making changes and tweaks down to the finest details making sure we could make it as authentic and accurate as possible.

For us as a family business it has been an honour and a pleasure to work with this regiment whose values are very much based around family. The whole journey has been very humbling and emotional and none more so than the unveiling day, with it being Yorkshire Day, Minden Day and the 50th anniversary of the regiments end it really was a moving experience.

Over 400 people attended on August 1st, including Mayors from Doncaster and the surrounding areas, with BBC and ITV both in attendance for coverage on tv.  Seeing so many people was a real credit to the hard work the K.O.Y.L.I committee had put in, in order for this day to happen. It was also brilliant to meet all of the veterans and their families and to hear their thoughts on the statue.  All of the feedback we received was positive which was so overwhelming and made all the hardwork worth while.

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The ethos throughout the foundry is to use methods and techniques that compliment
working directly by hand, this approach keeps us close to the finer details
of the process and in turn the resulting works.

Arab Horse - Priceless PerfectionWEMBLEY STATUE MAQUETTEGanesh - Private commissionBilly Boston statue in Wigan
Yorkshire Fine Arts
Yorkshire fine arts

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